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The Neurocognitive Disorders Lab accepts volunteer applications from excellent undergraduate students with an interest in psychology and research. Students should complete PSYC 312 or 300 and 301 before applying to volunteer.

The expected time commitment for a volunteer position is approximately 4 hours per week.

PSYC 499

Undergraduate students who are interested in gaining course credit while getting research experience are encouraged to enroll in PSYC 499 (1.5 HCE).

The expected time commitment for PSYC 499 is 6 hours per week.

Honours Thesis

Students in their last year of a Psychology Major may be interested in completing an Honours thesis in the lab. Please see the admission requirements and find out more about the application process.

To apply, please email with your:
   1) Completed Lab Application Form  
   2) Current resume/CV
   3) Cover letter
   4) Course schedule (tentative is acceptable)
   5) Completed Form for known dates of midterm exams/major assignments

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